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ptc-5246840 ptc-5246840 Non-linear material properties in Creo Simulate? 131 7 1 hour ago by ptc-5246840
ptc-4493498 ptc-4493498 Dynamic analysis 63 1 9 hours ago by ptc-4559627
ptc-998778 ptc-998778 Simulate crashes on startup 269 23 3 days ago by TomD.inPDX
TimothySchmidt TimothySchmidt how do weighted links work? 149 5 3 days ago by ptc-4493498
ptc-6362412 ptc-6362412 Thermal analysis with interference fit 79 1 4 days ago by ptc-131443
ptc-4493498 ptc-4493498 Aspect ratio of prismatic elements (wedges & bricks) 157 11 4 days ago by mfischer
ptc-4493498 ptc-4493498 Thin plate + contact 495 28 4 days ago by ptc-4493498
ptc-4493498 ptc-4493498 Contact tolerance in Creo 2C 181 6 5 days ago by ptc-5793844
ptc-5182831 ptc-5182831 High local stress at inside corner 165 12 6 days ago by ptc-5182831
ptc-147279 ptc-147279 The Most Worthless Error Message 1,347 8 1 week ago by Erik@DesOPt
jonathan.hodgson jonathan.hodgson 'Seed and Bound' in Mechanica Thermal 31 1 1 week ago by jonathan.hodgson
ptc-5081232 ptc-5081232 How to calculate stress in a specific point? 82 2 1 week ago by ptc-5081232
ptc-5164600 ptc-5164600 Tolerance Analysis 87 1 1 week ago by ptc-4693091
ptc-5081232 ptc-5081232 Change of materials 64 2 1 week ago by ptc-4693091
BenCohen BenCohen Contact Analysis of Interference Fit 138 3 1 week ago by ptc-5164600
ptc-6517590 ptc-6517590 Vibration analysis in Pro E Mechanica 61 1 1 week ago by DenisJaunin
ptc-5351035 ptc-5351035 bug in displacement? 456 17 1 week ago by ptc-4559627
ptc-4778889 ptc-4778889 Manikin visual cone rules 52 0 1 week ago by ptc-4778889
Scott Scott Fastener with preload for 3 components 373 17 1 week ago by ptc-4493498
ptc-6420285 ptc-6420285 Shaft-lever mechanism problem 71 0 1 week ago by ptc-6420285
ptc-5993188 ptc-5993188 Creo Analysis Capabilities? 496 5 1 week ago by DenisJaunin
ptc-5335107 ptc-5335107 Snap fit hook optimization 657 23 2 weeks ago by ptc-88095
ptc-5763373 ptc-5763373 Rotational degrees of freedom on a rigid link point. 193 6 2 weeks ago by ptc-88095
Kevin Mark Kevin Mark How to apply a 15G, 75ms half-sine shock pulses to an object? 500 14 2 weeks ago by 346gnu
ptc-5970743 ptc-5970743 How to know the beam element node reaction force and moment in Pro Mechanica 666 4 2 weeks ago by ptc-5241488
ptc-5825443 ptc-5825443 Simulate Weldment analysis problem 339 6 2 weeks ago by ptc-4559627
ptc-4493498 ptc-4493498 Creo 2 Preload vs Fastener 157 4 2 weeks ago by ptc-4493498
ptc-1757105 ptc-1757105 How to simulate a bolted joint with a round hole and slot 233 8 2 weeks ago by ptc-4493498
ptc-3678615 ptc-3678615 How to constrain a suspended load? 241 11 3 weeks ago by ptc-88095
ptc-4493498 ptc-4493498 Color of the mesh elements 136 3 1 month ago by ptc-4493498